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In an nutshell

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation  continuously, contextually and accurately positions your business and services on the internet, so that your business will show up in top rankings when a search is executed.


Search engines make their money by enabling people to find what they are looking for.


The more a search engine is convinced that it is serving up the correct results for it's customers, the higher it will rank those results on a growing basis, and that result could be you.


That is why crucial for any business to have a professional accurately configure their businesses on a search engine like Google.


Everything starts with a search

As of 2017, roughly 28 million people have access to the internet in South Africa alone, and 95% of South Africans prefer to use Google as their search engine of choice.


And then there is a matter of has been proven over and over again, that in this day and age, if your website comes up as a top ranking search result on Google, people will view it as a trusted recommendation, and the likelihood of converting that search into a customer has reached all time highs, and is still growing year on year.


If you need more convincing...A quick search on Google Trends: the keyword "Guest House" returns an average of about 70 searches per day, per province.


What does our Managed SEO & Analytics service consist of?

If you have the time and skill to manage SEO yourself, you can opt for the PRO Package which will consist the baseline configuration and monthly reporting to enable your website to grow its ranking on Google.


Included in PREMIUM and TITAN* packages is a full SEO managed service process which is broken down into the following high level process:


• Everything you do on your website. Any effort you take to improve individual pages to enhance your ranking in search engine results is on-page SEO. As well as keywords, this includes formatting, URLs, navigation, load speed, on-site blogging, and responsive design.


• Everything you do outside of your website, which links back to your website. You can also improve SEO by taking action off your website. The most well-known aspect of off-page SEO is link building, but this category also encompasses social media, business profiles and articles.


• Make it contextual. Google favors local content, as it has extra value for users. As a small business, you may have an advantage over even the biggest corporations if you have a unique knowledge of your local audience. Much of local SEO is based around long-tail keywords. By researching potential terms, you can find phrases that describe what your business offers with a location included. Simply creating content based around these keywords will help you reach the top position in search engine results.


Included in the SEO & Analytics Managed Services are:

  • Creating good quality content and links by applying a series of methods recommended by the search engines:

    • Keyword Research. A method of establishing what keywords will make your business the most contextually viable for the search engine. Picking the best ones for your business.

    • Optimisation Of Keywords. Once the keyword research is done, keywords will be strategically placed on the website and updated on a monthly basis where needed.

    • Earn Trust And Authority. We promote and market the website online to gain the trust of Google and prospects.

    • Monitor Progress. We have a team in place to monitor keyword rankings and adjust the strategy as needed on a monthly basis

    • Maintenance. Implement any changes to trends and refine the techniques to match accordingly on a monthly basis.

    • Reporting. Report back to our customers on the status of SEO and changes made to adjust.


*Titan package also includes a google ads voucher to the value of R800 to further boost your SEO.

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